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  • Do you even chopper lift, bro?

    So … this chopper thing happened. I guess they couldn’t get a crane over fast enough.
  • StringFormat missing from binding expressions in WinRT

    As helpful as it was, WinRT lacks the ability to supply a string format, although it appears as though WPF still supports it in .NET 4.5. String format is extremely useful, allowing you to provide a format pattern in your Xaml and not have to jump through hoops.
  • Atypical assembly names with Caliburn.Micro

    I love Caliburn.Micro. It’s a great library that adds a ton of ease to developing WP7 and WPF applications. It has treated me exceptionally well. Today, I found an issue.
  • Throttled processing of multiple asynchronous tasks

    A random Twitterizer developer that emailed me was attempting to pull data for multiple users all in background threads, but noticed that his requests started to be rejected by Twitter. I proposed that it was possibly a spam countermeasure by the Twitter API, and that he needed to throttle his requests. He had no idea how to do that. Seeing an excellent challenge, I jumped into Visual Studio and created the following console application.
  • OAuth Trick

    Last night I was playing around and ended up creating a new project to the small collection of example applications for the Twitterizer library. I ended up working around a complaint that a lot of desktop application developers have about implementing OAuth: PIN-Based authentication.

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